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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sheer galaxy holds his own and then some.

Pulled from co-owners site.

2013 MAPACA was once again one of the largest shows in the country with over 900 alpacas entered making it a Level V once again. But what a surprise it was to pull into MAPACA this year and see nationally recognized breeders from the Pacific Northwest in attendance with their 2013 Futurity show strings. Among these were Pacific Crest Accoyo America, Crescent Moon, and Alpacas de la Patagonia. They said it was only a 1,200 mile trip east from Futurity to MAPACA. Leaving Kansas City on Monday and arriving in Harrisburg on Thursday, they then pulled out of Harrisburg on Sunday for a hop over to Denver and the Great Western Alpaca Show. A crazy amount of driving, but their presence helped make 2013 MAPACA especially competitive this year!

We held our own (perhaps even a little more than that) and list below the highlights of our show placements...

• Reserve Color Champion Grey Male - GMFA Spalding (repeating the RCC he won at Futurity the weekend before. The CC at both shows was a Crescent Moon male).

• Color Champion Black Male - PSAF Andromeda's Darkstar (repeating the CC he won at 2013 Futurity and against the same competition - minus Snowmass).

• Reserve Color Champion Fawn Male - Ringo Cloud (he was absent from North American and Futurity as he had Virginia breedings to attend to --- he's got to earn his grain.) This was Ringo's 21st Championship win and he did it at 46 months of age. He will be off to the Northeast Show this coming weekend after which he'll likely be retired from the halter show ring (but not the fleece shows).


• 2nd place Get of Sire - Light - Halter for Sheer Galaxy. He faced the toughest competition he's had to deal with to date:

1st Accoyo America Road Warrior
2nd Sheer Galaxy
3rd Ulysses' Nitro of Amber Autumn
4th Accoyo America Kashmir
5th Accoyo America Ulysses
6th Vic Jr's Hemiaccoyo Paladin
Sheer Galaxy's Get included 1 white, 1 light fawn and 1 light brown. All of the other Get in the class where solid whites. We found out we were in the wrong class due to some confusion in the show rules. Galaxy's Get were eligible to be entered into Mixed Dark as more than one was darker than white, but the 2nd place win against the extremely tough all-white progeny means even more to us.

Sheer Galaxy consistently produces colors which are 100% competitive against the whites. In fact, the Black Male Color Champion at 2013 Futurity and MAPACA and North American and so forth (Darkstar)..., is out of the Sheer Galaxy line. Sheer Galaxy's first offspring was A.L. Paca's Andromeda Galaxy, a brown male with black trim. Andromeda Galaxy's first offspring was PSAF Andromeda's Darkstar. From White to Futurity Champion True Black in just 2 short generations!

• 1st Place Get of Sire - Fleece Show for Sheer Galaxy (really pouring it on now with you guessed it - colored fleeces).

• Color Champion Brown Fleece - A.L. Paca's Annie Get from Guns

• Reserve Color Champion Brown Fleece - A.L. Paca's Gun's Stock (male)

• Reserve Color Champion Light Fleece - Snowmass Matrix Joy (female)

• 1st Place A.L. Paca's Papillon Galaxy (a Sheer Galaxy offspring)

• 1st Place, HFA Galaxy Autumn Sunrise (Sheer Galaxy)

• 1st Place, A.L. Paca's True Pretenses (Simba's Silver Maze)

• 2nd Place, A.L. Paca's Deep Freeze (Sheer Galaxy)

• 2nd Place, A.L. Paca's All in Favor

Additionally, we were competing for Reserve Color Champion White Male with one other male - the RCC, but will have to wait a little longer (perhaps this coming weekend) for a banner for HFA Galaxy Autumn Sunrise. This is the outstanding Sheer Galaxy sired male we purchased half interest in at North American from Jay and Jan Hannah.

Judge's Choice Male was from Accoyo America (an incredibly fine and uniform yearling white male).

Judge's Choice Female was a purchase made by Stachowski Alpacas (a white female)

Denise, Donald and I just could not be more pleased with the performance of our males which won 4 Championships with a breathtakingly close call for a 5th with Autumn Sunrise. Even more impressive than those banners, is how well Sheer Galaxy's offspring did winning the 2nd place Get of Sire Halter against nationally recognized males AND 1st place Get of Sire in the Fleece show.

Twinkle, twinkle Galaxy stars... with brightness, density. You raise the bar!